Dreams are there to make them come true!!

Dreams remain dreams until you work on making them come true. Heal your inner witch, awaken your savoring goddess and transform into the expanding queen. Live a life free of constraints and shape your future exactly as you want it to be. Discover your female primal power, heal trauma and come into abundance – in all areas of your life. Play with your inner child, experience profound love, enjoy your sexuality, find your dream partner or create your heart business. Everything is possible! The only brake is yourself. Let’s solve it.

Hello and a warm Welcome

Nice that you’re here. My name is Kat and my passion is to accompany women in their full feminine power and autonomy. As a trauma-informed coach, it is not only my goal to support you in healing your trauma in the long term, but also to help you to live the life that was always intended for you. My vision is that if we heal our trauma and are happier with ourselves and our lives, we can create a better society. When we empower ourselves, respect each other, treat each other with love and are happy for one another, we can bring healing, peace and freedom to this Earth for all living beings. Imagine your life without drama. How nice would it be if you could forgive others, deal with issues from the past with lasting effect, hold yourself in every situation and live in ease? That’s exactly what I’d like to help with!

Katrin Gray is the Mystical Mentor - Dreams are there to make them come true

Out of the Darkness into the Light

I know from my own experience that there are sometimes crises that initially seem hopeless. I’ve had times myself when I felt helpless and had little hope. However, I found myself again and managed to integrate more lightness, joy and love into my life. And you know what? It wasn’t that difficult! Today I want to help women to dance through life with more self-confidence, happiness and passion. I had to heal my injured and traumatized witch before I could awaken the goddess within me. There is also a goddess in you who is just waiting to be awakened. I’m happy to help you with that. Let’s heal together, grow and make use of our creative power. You are not here on Earth just to exist. Live!!! Be wild and free.

Turn your Life into a Masterpiece

More Laughter

There is a lot of truth behind the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing not only strengthens the immune system and lowers the stress level, but also releases feelings of happiness. You also improve your lung function, massage internal organs and supply your brain with Oxygen. Laughter is therefore important for our physical and mental health. Let’s work on giving you more reasons to laugh more often, louder and with full passion.

More Love

With love for ourselves and also for other people, we become friendlier and more respectful. We accept other people as they are and enjoy social interaction. The surest way to receive love is by giving love. Self-love is the top priority. Remember that you are the person you are spending your life with. Together we will strengthen your self-image, self-esteem and self-love. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be to receive love from other people as well.

More Passion

Your passion influences your entire everyday life and your whole life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the pleasurable living out of our female sexuality or the passion for our creation. Passion keeps us young as human beings and gives us the feeling that there is a deeper meaning to our lives. However, many people first have to recognize where their passion lies. Are you still figuring out what your “meaning in life” is? Let’s find out why you are here, what fulfills you and what your gift to this world is.

More Ease

Ease and flexibility are important in our lives. Lightness makes us open to the changes that life brings with it. Furthermore, it helps us to grow with challenges and to be able to let go of the past. Let’s integrate more ease into your life by giving your emotions the space they need and deserve. Only in this way can they be seen, wander through your body and ultimately disappear. Let go of what no longer serves you. Learn to let go, take deep breaths, and focus on your goals with balance.

Mermaid, Traveller, Mystical Mentor

I would like to share a few things about myself with you. I am not only a mentor and coach, but also a visionary. Before I became a trauma-sensitive coach, I fulfilled my childhood dream. So I became a “mermaid” and turned ot into my first heart business. With my company “Mermaid Kat” I generate steady annual sales in the six-digit range, which has brought me financial independence and abundance. I’m incredibly grateful for that, but the money isn’t the most important thing about this company. The bright children’s eyes, swimming in the open sea with dolphins and sharks, a team that has become family and the feeling of bringing some magic back into this world. These are a few of many things that give me fulfillment and why I built this heart business.

If I can do it, then so can you! No matter where you are right now. No matter what darkness you come from. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I know it because I too came out of the darkness. Let’s walk this path together. No dreams are too big or impossible.

Let’s take your life to the next level, find your calling and achieve your goals.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Walt Disney

Turn your Life into a Masterpiece

Katrin Gray - Mentor and Coach for women in Perth

Find your Calling and the Meaning of your Life

Are you already aware of what fullfills you? Do you know what your calling is? What would you do with your life if you had 50 Million Dollars in your bank account? However, I don’t mean “go on vacation”, “party” or “shopping”. But long term? If you don’t already know the answer to this question, find out! My course “SOUL PURPOSE” will give you the answers to find out your life’s purpose.

Let's make your dreams come true - Coach for women

Awaken and empower the Goddess within you

Like so many women, I’ve had setbacks in my life. In doing so, one often not only questions everything and everyone, but also oneself. However, there is always a way that leads you back. I will help you get back on track in your life and heal. Awaken your inner goddess and set her free. Come into your female primal power and allow yourself to enjoy your femininity.

Make your dreams come true and a join a mermaid retreat

Heal and play with your inner Child

After completing my diving instructor training, I turned my biggest childhood dream into reality. I not only became a “mermaid”, but created my heart’s business from it. In my mermaid school, the Mermaid Kat Academy, you too can connect with your inner child. Join me for an ultimate mermaid retreat on a beiatiful location

Retreats – Where Dreams come true

Retreats are not only a wonderful way to embark on a journey within yourself, but also to connect with others in a community or sorority. Perhaps participating in a retreat is already the fulfillment of your dreams or a way to get closer to realizing your dreams. No matter which of my retreats you choose, I give you my fullest energy. Experience things like never before, get inspired, grow, heal or play with your inner child. You decide which retreat calls you the most.

Mermaid Retreat - Awaken your inner child (Thailand, April 2024)

Mermaid Retreat – Awaken your inner Child (Thailand, April 2024)

  Mermaid Retreat – Awaken your inner child (Thailand, April 2024) The Mermaid Retreat in Thailand allows you to awaken your inner child and set it free. Let’s take off the mask of “adulthood” together and just have fun and play. When did we actually forget how to play? Definitely way too long ago!!! So, […]

Recharge and Experience Retreat

Recharge and Experience Retreat Thailand (April 2024)

  Recharge and Experience Retreat Thailand (April 2024) The Recharge and Experience Retreat is just right for those who love a bit of variety. On the one hand I supply various offers that can help you to find your inner balance again. On the other hand, we go on joint adventure trips on the beautiful […]

What are your Dreams?

What is your dream? Dreams are there to make them come true. In any case, I am firmly convinced of it. As a mentor, I will help you to recognize your dreams, desires and fulfillments and accompany you on the way to self-empowerment in order to bring them into reality.

Feel free to check if there is something suitable for you in my offers or send me an email to: info@katringray.com

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