Dreams are there to make them come true!

Unleash your dreams and watch them become reality. Heal your inner witch. Awaken your savoring goddess. Transform into the expanding mermaid you are meant to be. Live a life unbound, shaping your future exactly as you desire.

Discover your female primal power. Integrate traumas and let go of things that no longer serve you. Step into abundance in every area of your life. Play with your inner child. Experience profound love. Embrace your sexuality. Find your dream partner or create your heart-led business.

Everything is possible! The only thing holding you back is yourself. Let’s solve it together.

Hello and a warm Welcome

Hello. I’m glad you’re here. My name is Kat, and my passion is to guide women into their full feminine primal power and self-empowerment. As a trauma-informed coach, my goal is not only to support you in healing your wounds but also to help you achieve the life that has always been intended for you.

I envision creating a better society by healing our traumas and finding greater satisfaction with ourselves and our lives. When we empower ourselves, respect each other, meet in love, and celebrate one another, we can bring healing, peace, and freedom to the Earth for all beings.

Imagine your life without drama. How wonderful would it be if you could forgive others, sustainably close chapters from the past, hold yourself in every situation, and live with ease? This is exactly where I want to help!

Make your Dreams come true

Out of the Darkness into the Light

From my own experience, I know that sometimes crises can seem hopeless at first. I have had times when I felt helpless and had little hope. However, I found my way back to myself and managed to integrate more lightness, joy, and love into my life. And you know what? It wasn’t that hard!

Today, I want to help others become more confident, happier, and live with more passion. I had to heal my wounded and traumatized witch before I could awaken the goddess within me. There is also a goddess within you, just waiting to be awakened. I would love to help you with that.

Let’s heal, grow, and harness our creative primal power together. You are not here on Earth just to exist. Live! Be wild and free.

Turn your Life into a Masterpiece

More Laughter

The old saying “Laughter is the best medicine” holds a lot of truth. Laughing not only boosts your immune system and lowers stress levels but also releases feelings of happiness. Additionally, it improves lung function, massages internal organs, and supplies your brain with oxygen. Laughter is crucial for our physical and mental health. Let’s work together to ensure you have more reasons to laugh often, louder, and with full passion.

More Love

With love for ourselves and others, we become kinder and more respectful. We accept people as they are and enjoy social interactions. The surest way to receive love is to give love, with self-love being the highest priority. Remember, you are the person you spend your life with. Together, we will strengthen your self-image, self-esteem, and self-love. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be to receive love from others.

More Passion

Your passion influences your entire daily life and your whole existence. Whether it’s savoring our feminine sexuality or embracing the passion for our creations, passion keeps us youthful and gives our lives a deeper sense of meaning. However, many people first need to discover where their passion lies. Are you still trying to find your “purpose in life”? Let’s uncover why you are here, what fulfills you, and what your unique gift to this world is.

More Ease

Lightness and adaptability are key aspects of our lives. Embracing lightness opens us to the inevitable changes life brings. It allows us to learn from challenges and leave the past behind. Integrate more lightness into your life by giving your emotions the space they deserve. Only then can they be acknowledged, flow through your body, and release what no longer serves you.

Mermaid, Traveller, Mystical Mentor

(A little bit about myself)

I would love to share a few things about myself with you. I am not only a mentor and coach but also a visionary. Before I trained to become a trauma-sensitive coach, I fulfilled my childhood dream. I became a “mermaid” and built my first heart-led business around it. With my company “Mermaid Kat,” I consistently achieved six-figure annual revenues, bringing me financial independence and abundance. For this, I am incredibly grateful.

However, money isn’t the most important aspect of this venture. The glowing eyes of children, swimming in the open sea with dolphins and sharks, a team that has become like family, and the feeling of bringing a touch of magic back into the world are just a few of the many things that give me fulfillment and are why I built this heart-led business.

Although the journey wasn’t always easy and there were many doubters, I continued because I felt this calling deep within me. Through this journey, I have transformed my life into a true fairy tale and developed a deep conviction that anything is possible – and by “anything,” I truly mean anything. Today, I wish for everyone to recognize this for themselves, discover their dreams, and bring them to life. Having walked this path myself, I can optimally support you on your journey, whether it’s about healing old wounds, developing more self-confidence, discovering your soul’s path, or building your own heart-led business. I firmly believe this is possible for everyone.

Work with me and benefit from my experiences, my vision, as well as my insights and energy.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Walt Disney

Turn your Life into a Masterpiece

Katrin Gray - Mentor and Coach for women in Perth

Find your Calling and the Meaning of your Life

Are you clear on what gives you fulfillment? Do you know what your calling is? What would you do with your life if you had 50 million euros in your account? I don’t mean “going on vacation,” “partying,” or “shopping.” I mean long-term. If you don’t know the answer to this question yet, then it’s time to find out! My course “SOUL PURPOSE” will give you the answers you seek.

Let's make your dreams come true - Coach for women

Awaken and empower the Goddess within you

Like many women, I have experienced setbacks in my life. Often, this leads us to question everything and everyone, including ourselves. But there is always a path that brings us back. I am here to support you in finding the right direction in your life again. Awaken your inner goddess and let her flourish. Reconnect with your creative primal power and allow yourself to fully enjoy your femininity.

Make your dreams come true and a join a mermaid retreat

Heal and play with your inner Child

After completing my training as a diving instructor, I turned my greatest childhood dream into reality. I became not just a “mermaid” but also created my heart-led business from it. At my mermaid school, the Mermaid Kat Academy, you too can connect with your inner child. Feel free to join me for an ultimate mermaid retreat.

Retreats – Where Dreams come true

Retreats are not only a wonderful opportunity to embark on a journey with yourself but also to connect with others in a community or sisterhood. Participating in a retreat might be the fulfillment of your dreams or a step closer to realizing them. Whichever of my retreats you choose, I will give you my fullest energy. Experience things like never before, be inspired, grow, and play with your inner child. You decide which retreat calls to you the most.

Mermaid Retreat - Awaken your inner Child (Maldives, September 2025)

Mermaid Retreat Maldives (September 2025)

  Mermaid Retreat – Awaken your inner child This Mermaid Retreat is not just a relaxing trip to the Maldives, but also an opportunity to connect with other water enthusiasts who share your passion, while staying on a luxurious yacht. Here, the water touches the soul, and the underwater world unfolds its mysterious magic. If […]

Mermaid Retreat (Maldives, September 2025)

Mermaid Sanctuary Italy (September 2026)

  Mermaid Sanctuary Italy (September 2026) The Mermaid Sanctuary in Italy warmly welcomes you to a magical world deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Here, the water touches the soul, and the underwater realm unfolds its mysterious magic. If you yearn to experience something new and feel in harmony with the fascinating sea, then my underwater […]

What Women say about my work

Here you will find some reviews from women who have worked with me in various ways. More customer feedback can be found here.

Julianna's Review of Working with Mystical Mentor Katrin Gray


I want to share my experiences with my mystical mentor Kat, who feels like a big sister to me. Our deeply emotional moments together have created a strong bond between us. It all began with a cacao ceremony that changed my life. I then spent half a year with Kat in Australia, where we had intense discussions about everything – business, health, traumas, and societal influences. Kat opened up new perspectives for me and helped me find my own path. She gave me the tools to understand where my journey is headed. Kat has transformed my life, and for that, I am infinitely grateful. I now experience all emotions more intensely, see life as a gift, and am ready to make the most of it. If you have similar thoughts and are seeking spiritual guidance, Mystical Mentor can be a crucial help. Warm regards, Julianna.

Nina's Dreams Come True


Katrin Gray has sparked so much within me; she has empowered me and helped me find my soul’s path. Thanks to her, I have reached new horizons and grown beyond what I ever thought possible! I also participated in cacao rituals, where I felt immense power and was able to release deep blockages within me. Katrin has been coaching me for a while now, and she still does. I continually realize that my journey is far from over. Now, I have a job that I love, a path that suits me, and every day I find a little more of the reason why I am here. I owe all of this to Katrin.

Embark on the journey to discover your feminine power, strength, and beauty, and take the journey with her. I would do it again and again because she has shown me a path that I would not have found on my own.

Review by Ariane About Working with Mentor Katrin Gray


Katrin is an incredibly warm-hearted, inspiring, and positive person. From our very first meeting, she welcomed me with open arms. I was particularly impressed that she remembered me and our conversation a year later, despite the many people she meets. Since then, we have become friends and shared many wonderful memories. Katrin achieves so much in her life and bravely takes unconventional paths. Her positive way of motivating and inspiring people is tremendously inspiring. She continually seeks to improve herself and shares her knowledge and passion with others to bring out the best in them. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences and the friendship, and I look forward to all that is yet to come. A big thank you, Kat, for letting me into your life!

Vanessa's Recommendation for Working with Mystical Mentor Katrin Gray


Katrin Gray is a bright light in my life, if not one of the brightest. Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of letting Kat into my heart as a friend and big sister. The deep, unconditional connection has allowed me to show my vulnerability, leading to a more balanced soul life and healing. She has always been willing to share everything she has learned. Kat remains grounded, welcoming people with open arms.

Despite years of successful psychotherapy, something was missing for my holistic healing. In the last two years, Mystical Mentor has guided me more intensively. Through ceremonies, I found my feminine empowerment, healed traumas, forgave people, and discovered love for myself. Self-love was something I thought I could never learn, but then I found it in the midst of a cacao ceremony: the love for myself had always been within me, strong and unconditional, and I finally felt it.

With Kat, I have a mentor by my side who understands my traumas and stands by me with immense love and an open heart to bring out the best in me. Ten years ago, I was working full-time in administration and had reached the end of my career ladder in my mid-20s. Today, the world is open to me. I am starting a family, shaping my business, and feeling deeply happy and grateful for my life. I am profoundly thankful for this support and can wholeheartedly recommend working with Katrin Gray.

Live the Trinity of Femininity and Become the Creator of Your Dreams

I appreciate the perspective of viewing femininity as a trinity, composed of the Witch, the Goddess, and the Mermaid. These archetypes reside within each of us – in you, in me, and in all women. First, it is necessary to heal our wounded Witch. This allows us to stabilize our nervous system and leave the “fight or flight” mode. By healing traumas and opening ourselves up, our inner Goddess awakens. This leads us back to a state that is destined for us: the state of creativity and creation. Our womb space is meant not only to create new life but also to birth new ideas and bring them into the world. The Goddess allows herself to enjoy on all levels. The Mermaid embodies the woman who knows that abundance and lightness are her birthright. She keeps her nervous system balanced and holds love within herself. Always striving to bring her creations into the world, she allows herself to be authentically herself because she knows that this is how she best serves the world. She is wild and free, meets others as equals, and reminds them of their greatness and power.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? Are you ready to heal your Witch, awaken your Goddess, and transform into a Mermaid?

Heal Your Wounded Witch

Wounded Witch

As long as you remain in a state of alarm due to trauma, drama addiction, or other deep emotional wounds, you stay stuck in a pattern of reaction. In this state, it’s difficult for you to feel pleasure, relax, or act from a place of empowerment. Are you ready to let your wounded Witch stand in the fire and begin a sustainable healing process? Do you want to rise from the ashes and step into your full power and strength? This step could be the beginning of a profound transformation in your life.

Become the Expanding Mermaid

Expanding Mermaid

The expanding Mermaid not only holds herself but also knows what she has achieved. She grows beyond her limits and acts from her own strength. In doing so, she encourages others to recognize their own strength and inspires them to step into their greatness as well. The Mermaid symbolizes protection and magic and stands for the belief that every dream can come true. She meets others as equals and supports them on their journey. Radiating with feminine energy, her greatest wish is for others to shine and lead their lives as they desire. No judgment, just pure love.

Become the Savoring Goddess

Savoring Goddess

Within you lies a goddess waiting to shine. Your primal feminine power is to create, for you are a creator. Menstrual pain, lack of desire for sex, or feelings of worthlessness are signs of imbalance within you, the pain of banished femininity and discredited sexuality. Sexual energy is life energy, and it wants to flow freely. The goddess knows not only that she must do nothing but also that she is allowed to do everything.

What are your Dreams?

What is your dream? Dreams are there to make them come true. In any case, I am firmly convinced of it. As a mentor, I will help you to recognize your dreams, desires and fulfillments and accompany you on the way to self-empowerment in order to bring them into reality.

Feel free to check if there is something suitable for you in my offers or send me an email to: info@katringray.com

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