Cacao Ceremony

A cacao ceremony is a heart-opening ritual in which we enter into a deep, loving connection with Mother Earth. Cacao, also known as the drink of the gods and goddesses, has a history going back thousands of years and is a traditional part of many cultures around the world. Worshiped as the drink of the gods by the natives of Central and South America, used by Aztec soldiers as a stimulant, drunk by European monks for fasting – right up to the luxury food and cacao bliss of today.

However, with the mass production of chocolate, the original value and knowledge of this wonderful plant has been increasingly forgotten. What is understood today by “cacao” has hardly anything to do with the roots of this miracle medicine. Fortunately, the ritual cacao is returning more and more to our culture, bringing its wisdom and magic to us.

Perth Cacao Ceremony

Connection to yourself, others and to Mother Earth

The effect of ritual cacao can unfold in a very profound way. From relaxing to euphoric, the fruit can be therapeutic as well. By “working” with the spirit of the plant, emotional blockages can be released and self-knowledge and personality development can be supported.

A cacao ceremony helps us to strengthen the connection to ourselves and others. It is said that cacao has a heart-opening effect and shows us exactly what is important in our development. In addition, cacao increases access to intuition, inspiration, creativity and life itself.

For whom is Cacao not suitable?

Due to the increased caffeine content, consumption of ceremonial cacao is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you want to drink cacao and have concerns, I recommend talking to your doctor. Furthermore, the consumption of cacao for children in ceremonial doses is not recommended.

Preparing for your Cacao Ceremony

Before the cacao ceremony, you should prepare your body for it with a short fasting unit. To do this, avoid eating 3-4 hours before the ritual. However, make sure you drink enough fluids.

Bring comfortable clothing that will keep you warm and allow you to move freely. You are also welcome to bring a notebook with you. Please avoid wearing perfume or aftershave, speaking loudly or otherwise distracting other participants. During and after the ceremony there can be moments when we feel a bit vulnerable. So make sure to give others the space they need during and after the ritual.

Let it be

First, consider whether you want to set an intention for this ceremony. Is there a question you’re looking for an answer to? Or would you like to devote this ritual to a problem instead? Do you just want to surrender to a feeling that you otherwise tend to suppress and face the confrontation? Or would you rather indulge in lightness and joy? You decide.

As soon as the ritual begins, just be open to new things and let yourself be guided. Allow everything that wants to come. It doesn’t matter whether you cry, scream, laugh, lie down, dance or sing. Every feeling has its right to exist and is allowed. If you want to sit, stay seated. On the other hand, if you want to lie down, lie down. If you feel like stretching, stretch. If you want to dance, dance.

Can Cacao cause side Effects?

Yes, side effects can occur, but they are rare. Cacao draws water out of the body. This can cause headaches. Due to the natural caffeine in cacao, restlessness and sleeping diffilculties can occur. Mild stomach cramps or nausea are also possible, but rare. All of these side effects can be minimized or avoided altogether with proper handling. Basically, I advise drinking a lot of water after the cacao ceremony. If you have trouble sleeping, I recommend not drinking cacao 6 hours before bedtime. If cramps occur, this often has energetic reasons. It is recommended to relax into the rising feelings here, deepen your breath and let the feelings flow.

Upcoming Cacao Ceremonies in Perth

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