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Retreats are not only a wonderful way to embark on a journey within yourself, but also to connect with others in a community or sisterhood. Perhaps participating in a retreat is already the fulfillment of your dreams or a way to get closer to realizing your dreams. No matter which of my offers you choose, I will give you my fullest energy. Experience things like never before, get inspired, grow, heal or play with your inner child. You decide which retreat calls you the most.

Mermaid Retreat - Awaken your inner Child (Maldives, September 2025)

Mermaid Retreat Maldives (September 2025)

  Mermaid Retreat – Awaken your inner child This Mermaid Retreat is not just a relaxing trip to the Maldives, but also an opportunity to connect with other water enthusiasts who share your passion, while staying on a luxurious yacht. Here, the water touches the soul, and the underwater world unfolds its mysterious magic. If […]

Mermaid Retreat (Maldives, September 2025)

Mermaid Sanctuary Italy (September 2026)

  Mermaid Sanctuary Italy (September 2026) The Mermaid Sanctuary in Italy warmly welcomes you to a magical world deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Here, the water touches the soul, and the underwater realm unfolds its mysterious magic. If you yearn to experience something new and feel in harmony with the fascinating sea, then my underwater […]

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The Background of my Travel Offers

How and why did I started offering retreats? It all started in 2012 when I was about to make my biggest dream come true. At the time, I had longing dreams of being a mermaid, swimming in a mermaid tail with sea creatures, and working as an underwater model. At first my dream seemed too big and impossible. After all, I lived in Thailand at the time and didn’t earn much money as a diving instructor. So how was I supposed to pay for a boat and photographers to take my first underwater photos to build a protfolio? Also, there were many doubters who wouldn’t take me seriously when I told them about my dream. In other words, the beginning was extremely hard! However, I kept fighting for my dream and finally started my first heart business as a mermaid.

Now, however, I wanted to give other “land captive” mermaids an easier start. So I developed the Mermaid Weeks, international trips for mermaids and mermen. The Mermaid Weeks are still one of my absolute highlights. Together we swim in the sea in mermaid tails, support each other, have incredible experiences and just a lot of fun. All participants are continuously accompanied with various workshops and training units.

I now feel that other retreats besides Mermaid Weeks deserve a space. Through my experiences as a trauma-informed coach, yoga instructor, wrold traveller and dream maker, I want to inspire others to dream big and set out on the path to making them come true. Accordingly, I invite you to accompany me on my transformative retreats.

Videos from past Retreats

Videos from past Mermaid Weeks

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If you have any questions about my retreats or would like to book, please contact me by email at:

If you are not able to accompany me on my retreat, feel free to take a look at my other offers. Hopefully there is something suitable for you here.

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